Disposable Filters (Pack of 10)

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Five Layer Protection:

PM 2.5 filter fits inside the mask to protect your mouth and nose from harmful substances and reduce external droplets ,the replacement filter material is Non-woven, Active Charcoal cloth.

The first layer of spun bond can filter micron-level dust. The second layer filters industrial pollutants, car exhaust, second-hand smoke and pollen allergens. The third layer of activated carbon cloth filters micron-level dust. The fourth layer filter smaller materials. The fifth layer of spun bond filters out various harmful substances.

Please Note:-

These Filters are Disposable, DO NOT WAS FILTER - filter not recommended for reuse. Possible reuse after treat with dry high heat and leave for 48-72 hours. Not recommended for multiple use.

Please note, for hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns for face covers.

These covers should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved PPE.